about the Foundation

Art Studio Amateras was created in 2009 by Daniela Todorova, MA, and Todor Todorov, MA, PhD, ARBS, with the idea to champion cultural projects and mainly creative exchange, exhibitions, residences, symposia, lectures related to artwork promotion in Bulgaria and abroad. The Amateras Foundation is a natural continuation of the studio, as a structure allowing the scale and possibilities for organising and promoting cultural events to grow. The goals of the Foundation continue the process begun by the Studio for the development and establishment of new trends on a global scale, relating to the arts and their promotion in society. Towards this end, the Foundation boasts its own private collection of works of artists of international repute, which is being shown throughout the world.

To attain its goals, the Foundation raises funds from private persons and firms, Bulgarian and international institutions, advertising and presenting their activity by featuring them in the promotion materials of each event and in especially prepared presentations for the broad public and collaboration partners. Promotion is done with the help of media partners and their information channels. The goals of the Foundation are to find unconventional and innovative means of promotion, without ignoring already established advertisement methods. The ad materials are prepared by a team of experienced specialists known for their artistic vision. The Foundation aims for longstanding partnerships, not excluding the participation of partners solely for one project. The Foundation endeavours to show the contribution, goals and mission of its partners to the fullest extent.
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