The authors have completed many personal projects in the country and abroad, both in interior and park environments. In 2006 they started a new activity relevant to Japanese painters' creative events. The idea got born in Japan during a two-month stay of Todor Todorov in Ivate, where Ishigami-no-Oka Museum of Modern Art organized a sculpture symposium - the idea was two Japanese and two foreigner authors to make a sculpture work to be installed in the museum park. A jury selected the participants. This is an excellent idea for exchange of ideas, which enriches the participants. Then the idea of organizing such events also in Bulgaria was born. The exceptional traditions and achievements of the Japanese graphic, painting and sculpture expressed in the modern works of many Japanese painters and sculptures would be of great interest for Bulgaria's public. 

Completed Projects

Naoyo Yamamoto - Japan

The first residence they organized in Apryl 2006. Tokyo painter Naoyo Yamamoto was invited to take part in this project. The project comprised a stay with 20-day exhibition in Art Alley Gallery, workshop in the National Art High School named after Iliya Petrov and slide-presentation of the author before painters, art experts and connoisseurs in the Gallery upon the kind support of Ms. Dobrinka Dancheva, who is well- known for her deep knowledge in Japanese culture and traditions. The exhibition was organized in Art Alley Gallery with the support of Vitosha Gallery and was covered by the newspapers Standard, 24 Hours, 168 Hours and Culture and an interview was broadcast in Martina Vachkova's talk show. The exhibition brought large interest and now the painter is invited by the galleries Debut, Art Alley and Lessedra to present one-man exhibitions. Author's works, featured by new and original ideas, were bought. What is more, we notice that this exhibition has influenced the works of some of our colleagues.

Robert WoodUK
Few periods staying of the artist with different projects 1997 - 2006
- One month residence with solo exhibition and Master class National College of Apply Arts
- Two weeks with solo exhibition in Sofia Press.
- Two weeks with Master class  Project collaborated with National College of Apply Arts and National academy of Arts

Hock Aun Teh
- Malaisa
One week period for well known the Bulgarian Culture and visual art
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