Dr. Todor Todorov, MA, ARBS, is an author known on the world stage as a sculptor, who is working mainly in the field of urban sculpture and a new direction defined by him, describing the creative efforts in his professional career – Elemental Sculpture, including the natural energies in the work itself. Working on these issues in sculpture, travelling around the world to create his artworks in an urban and park environment, his sculptures can be seen in 16 different countries, and his smaller works in private and public collections. He is a member of
the Royal British Society of Sculptors, the World Association of Kinetic Sculptors and the Chinese Sculpture Institute. During his career he has grown well acquainted with the current trends and level of art on a global scale, and also establishes contacts with international authors.

Daniela Todorova, MA, is a firmly established author in the field of paper art, with her own distinctive style and exquisite works. She is a member of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists, curator of fine art projects. An artist who has proven her ability to find balance between the exquisite and aesthetic, in projects realised across the world. The author of dozens of international solo exhibitions, a main initiator of events in the field of the emerging new trend in art – namely Paper Art. In recent years working actively to
promote this new trend in Bulgaria both as an organiser and curator.

Milena Raikova is a professional with more than 15 years managerial experience in different industries, working for big international companies at top management positions.
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