about the Studio

The authors, Daniela Todorova and Todor Todorov, have completed many personal projects in the country and abroad, both in interior and park environments. August 2008, they started a new activity relevant to Japanese sculpture creative events. The idea got born in Japan during a two-month stay of Todor Todorov in Ivate, where Ishigami-no-Oka Museum of Modern Art organized a sculpture symposium - the idea was two Japanese and two foreigner authors to make a sculpture work to be installed in the museum park. A jury selected the participants. This is an excellent idea for exchange of ideas, which enriches the participants. Then the idea of organizing such events also in Bulgaria was born. The exceptional traditions and achievements of the Japanese graphic, painting and sculpture expressed in the modern works of many Japanese painters and sculptures would be of great interest for Bulgaria's public.

2009 they establish AMATERAS ANNUAL PAPER ART EXIBITION – international event for paper art small size in 2D and 3D. The main and basic aim is to create tradition in presentation of contemporary 2D and 3D small size paper art, created by artists from all over the world without shackles(restrictions) of techniques, different kind of papers and stiles(genres). The purpose of exhibition is to stimulate development of creativity and innovations of authors, exceed ordinary imagination of using paper, exchange of ideas and original experiments.

Company's Establishment and Introduction of the Artists

Amateras Ltd. was established by Daniela Todorova and Todor Todorov in 2009. Company's intention is to complete cultural projects - mainly exchange of ideas, exhibitions, residences, symposia, lectures, workshops and non-commercial initiatives relevant to fine arts projects in the country and abroad. The artists have long years of professional experience with participation in several events in the country and abroad.
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