Public art

Future Projects Relevant to Japan

Amateras Ltd. would like to support also many other events by providing in the next years a workshops, specially designed for large scale sculpture with warehouse facilities, courtyard for open-air work, full equipment for working with stone and metal, separate studio for computer-aided design, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. This workshop could be used for more special tasks relevant to design and fulfillment of a sculpture work meant for either park or urban environment, for which the cooperation of Sofia municipality authorities and other Bulgarian public institutions will be looked for.

Public Art Project – outdoor stone sculpture Friendship

Monumental stone sculpture for urban environment, completed as a joint project of Bulgarian and Japanese authors. The purpose is to exchange ideas between Japan and Bulgaria and the work to be installed in Sofia down-center in front of Hotel Hilton, next to the National Palace of Culture. Idea for outdoor stone sculpture Friendship is sculpture with Japanese inscription and Bulgarian oldest alphabet /glagolic/ will be Symbol of friendship between our two nations.

This idea started in Japan – in time of Iwate sculpture symposium for the park of Ishigami – no - oka Museum of Modern Art. - sculpture Sunshine – made by Hironori Katagiri, Kenichi Machita, Kate Thompson, Todor Todorov ARBS.
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