Japanese contemporary paper art


EMBASSY OF JAPAN in Bulgaria together with AMATERAS Foundation was present the project “JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY PAPER ART” in the gallery of Art Center ALTERA.  Daniela Todorova M.A., like curator of the project for the second time  present contemporary Japanese artists in 23 JAPANEESE CULTURAL DAYS in Bulgaria after the project KUROSAWA.IMPACTS in 2010. This exhibition is with long term intensions for collaborations and exchange introduced Japanese culture in Bulgaria in different fields of Art and Culture.    
The Project include three workshops and demonstrations and full content will be shown in www.bg.emb.japan.go.jp  
The exhibition present more than 40 art works from affirmative contemporary artists not only in Japan working in paper art. The program included presentations of different contemporary techniques based on centuries old Japanese tradition in transformation of paper in different way. Presentations are ocular demonstrations and multimedia 

16 of October from 18.30 – Kakuko Ishii
18 of October from 18.30 – Chikako Sato
19 of October from 18.30 – Atsumi Murata 

The exhibition is with a catalog 

The Exhibition officially was open on
15 October/ Monday/ 
Art Center ALTERA  bul. Dragan Tzankov 38
/ INTERPRED World Trade Center Sofia, Bulgaria
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