Sofia Paper Art Fest 2011

About the project

Sofia Paper Art Fest 2011 is a unique project, taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria during May and June of 2011. This substantial long term project, which includes many art events spread throughout the city, is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and one of few in the world. It is a city-wide celebration, which is expected to raise broad public interest and to become a beacon in both Bulgarian and European culture. The related events are slated to take place during the months of May and June of 2011, and are supported by Sofia Municipality, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria.

Project Mission Presentation

The Sofia Paper Art Fest is a unique international project that will offer the public varying distinctive works of art, chosen for their ability to maintain a smooth dialogue with nature, leading to the idea for a new eco-vision of fine arts and design. Artists of international repute as well as domestic will display a diversity of exterior and interior paper artworks, distinguished by their high social relevance. These works will highlight the use of green technologies and materials while addressing current issues related to the planet’s biological health recovery. Ideologically, The Sofia Paper Art Fest focuses not only on demonstrating the destructive influence of humans on the environment as has been the case in much recent art, but also the artistic or creative spirit and ingenious approach to the resolution of these effects.  

The positive aspects of this global event will have an infectious result not only on the local population, but also on international visitors who are in great need today to see the creative spirit in action. Works such as paper architecture and fashion, demonstrate not only the durability, strength and flexibility of paper but also its eco-friendly and sustainable character. The various events, included in the Sofia Paper Art Fest, will create a spirit of vitality, freedom, and new thinking that will provoke the young generation to renew their human achievement. At the same time, the organized activities for young people and students that will be part of the Art Fest will make paper art more accessible for those, who possess artistic ambition to aspirate to extraordinary and challenging art forms.    

The event will have comprehensive international media coverage and a highly visible PR strategy that will attract many institutions inspired by the project’s idea. Presentation of the Project’s Content The Sofia Paper Art Fest 2011, with Art Director Todor Todorov M.A., is a four-part project (The Sofia Paper Art Biennale, Amateras Annual Mini Paper Art Exhibition, National Academy of Art Paper Project, and the Green Architecture Exhibition) consisting of a series of events, occurring over a period of two months in various indoor (galleries) and outdoor (central green gardens and squares) spaces in Sofia.

Presentation of the Organizers
The organizers are Todor Todorov M.A., Daniela Todorova M.A., Milena Raikova and Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos. Art Studio Amateras ( was founded in 2009 and Amateras Foundation in 2010 by Todor Todorov M.A. - sculptor ( and Daniela Todorova M.A. - artist The idea is to champion cultural projects and mainly art exchange projects, exhibitions, art symposiums, lectures, workshops, non-commercial initiatives related to artworks promotion in Bulgaria and abroad.  The founders have a long-lasting artistic background with many performances in Bulgaria and abroad. Milena Raikova has more than 15 years managerial experience and will undertake the project’s administrative and finance management role. Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos, who is an accomplished figure in the arts, is its international curator. Thus far the project has gained much support from the Bulgarian government as well as from the global embassies and found
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