Sofia Paper Art fest 2012


About the project
It’s our pleasure to present the concept for the second edition of Sofia Paper Art Fest, organized by AMATERAS Foundation during the period – 2 May – 2 Jun. This year’s accent is focused on attraction of visitors from all age groups through education, exhibitions and improvisations following its motto - PAPER INVENTIONS.

The event was evaluated by many observers in the area of art and culture as one of the most interesting events in Sofia aiming to support the candidacy of Sofia as a Cultural Capital of Europe. This unique art event has no analogy in Europe, because the Fest includes visual arts, theatre, movies, cartoons, photography, experimental music using the sounds of paper; and was largely published in specialized editions in Italy, Germany, USA, Korea and other countries.

This is a multilayer event including tradition and innovation, classical and experimental, provocative and high professional achievements. Its open-minded platform makes the event multinational, ecological, with no restrictions about religion, social status, race of ages. The project addresses humanely, ecological, social and spiritual messages to the contemporary society and its problems. Here inspiration, creativity and enthusiasm are in harmony with high professionalism, new achievement of our civilization and tradition.

This year the Fest is enriched with the possibilities of paper art in the theatre, showing many young artists and their achievements. The accents are spread during the term of all events in order to keep the interest of spectators of exhibitions and theatres alive during this period in Sofia. It is important for us to attract the attention of visitors to nonconventional exhibition places in urban environment historical places, business buildings and public spaces. Last year the events were mainly in galleries, museum spaces and only the ancillary activities was held in outdoor spaces. The main messages of this year’s event will be towards new relationship with the environment, development of creativity and aesthetics in it, prevention of the spiritual and cultural values of the society

We offer to your attention information for the structure of the Fest during the period – 2 May–2 Jun 2012.  The Fest contains:
  • exhibitions
  • workshops
  • theatrical performances and theaters
  • demonstrations
  • lectures
  •  theatrical and musical experiments
One of the most important events, concentrating energy and improvisation will be THE NIGHT OF GALLERYS AND MUSEUMS. This is a popular and intriguing event. The space in front of the VIVACOM ART HALL where will be Paper Street, performance “PARADISE GARDEN”, concerts,  is important cross-point for expected about 30 000 visitors during this night. Their attention will be attracted by unexpected and never shown before visual events.

  • Organizer AMATERAS Foundation
  • Art DirectorTodor Todorov, М.А., Ph.D.
  • Curator  –  Daniela Todorova, М.А.
  • Duration2 May2 Jun
Sofia Paper Art Fest includes over 200 artists from 29 countries in 5 departments:


AMATERAS Annual small scale paper art exhibition/competition. This year’s fourth edition includes 186 artworks of 103 artists from 29 countries.
  • Exhibitions of paper art - .
  • Paper Art Academyexhibitions, theatres, performances, lectures by professors from the NATFA, NBU, National College of Applied Arts “Saint Lucca”, College 144.
  • Paper Theatre  – National Puppet Theatre, Student’s Puppet Theatre, Theatre Ariel, VIVACOM ART HALL, NBU Theatre
  • Ancillary activities  - All ancillary activities are interactive and include different target groups in the area of visual arts and the theatre.

Galleries and Exhibitions
  1. Art Alley Gallery – opening 2 May – 20.00 h. period 2 may – 2 June
    4th AMATERAS Annual small scale paper art exhibition/competition 2011      
    1000 Sofia,  51, William Gladstone Str.
  1. VIVACOM  ART HALL – 3 May – 23 May
    1000 Sofia,   4, Gen Gurko Str      
  1. Natural History Museum – 7 May – 19 May –
    1000 Sofia,  1, Tsar Osvoboditel
  1. Music Center “BORIS HRISTOV”– 8 May – 2 June –  
    PAPER – competition
    1000 Sofia, ул. King Samuil № 43
  1. The National Theatre “IVAN VAZOV – 11 May – 25 May
    1000 Sofia,  ул. Дякон Игнатий № 5
  1. MAZDA Gallery – 15 May – 2 June    
    1164 Sofia,  Arsenalsky Blvd., next to City Center
  1. Magi’s Houseon 19 May only
    Sofia , Benkovski St. – across the entrance of Saint Paraskeva church.


  1. National Puppet Theatre – 1000 Sofia, 14, Gen Gurko Str
  2. Student’s Puppet Theatre – 1000 Sofia, 20, Stefan Karadja Str.
  3. VIVACOM  ART HALL – 1000 Sofia,   4, Gen Gurko Str
  4. “ARIEL” –   16, Liditze Str.


 Ancillary activities

  • Demonstrations of  paper puppets and accessories – workshops
  • Lectures
         All ancillary activities are interactive and include different target groups in the area of visual arts and the theatre.                  


All galleries and spots shown on map of Sofia Paper Art Fest will be open during the event and will include number of surprises.
PAPER STREET – large night attraction. The space in front of VIVACOM  ART HALL, demonstrations, performances including fantastic creatures –  “PARADISE GARDEN” under  Hieronymus Bosch, pavilions, 

  1. ALLEY OF PAPER WONDERS – the alley next to the City Art Gallery, workshops, young artists, students, grafts, paper companies, designers,
  2. Performances – paper clothes – students from New Bulgarian university and College of Apply Arts “ST. LUKA”
  3. Theatrical performances
  4. Paper costumes – NATFA
  5. Multimedia Art Wall – NBU
  6. Japanese art – performance in MAZDA Gallery
  7. paper jewelry – free–lanced artists
  8. the house of Magi - LUMAGI
  9. puppet’s Housestudents from Academy of Theater
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