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We at AMATERAS FOUNDATION present you the concept of the forth edition of Sofia Paper Art Fest (founded by us) in the period of 30 April/ 30 May. The project is dedicated to Sofia’s candidature for European Capital of Culture and it is characterized by its innovative international events in The Night of Museums and Galleries during May. The Project is multidisciplinary and innovative not only for Bulgaria. Its every edition is enriched with a new idea and new opportunities for developing different arts. The Festival has no analogue in a global plan and arouses the interest of professional and art circles in the whole world. The Festival is going to be presented in a book published by famous British publishing company in 2014. This makes it important for the presentation of Bulgaria and Sofia, in the field of contemporary arts, to the world. The Paper Art is a brand new section which binds traditions with present, innovations with high achievements. It inspires many world authors for new methods and magnificent works of this art can be seen in a lot of world famous museums or famous biennials. Even in the first edition in Sofia a lot of famous names whose works are in a number of museums, were introduced.

The Festival will have several main priorities this year:

  • A program in Sofia in the period of 30 April – 30 May.
  • A program in Bulgaria (Pernik and Pavlikeni) - September - Oktomber in 2014.
  • A program outside Bulgaria during the rest of the year - France, Finland, Italy and Great Britain.


One of the important purposes of Sofia Paper Art Fest is to present Sofia to the world as a future culture capital of Europe and to respond to the invitations from several European countries, where there is marked interest to be presented with the best of previous years. Through lectures and movies AMATERAS FOUNDATION will present the selection of works, movies and multimedia which will best illustrate the purposes and the achievements of Sofia Paper Art Fest.

The foundation already has a great collection of over 1000 works in a small and large format, videos, movies and records of performances and aims to present the best shown in Sofia at these countries and to share its experience with future partners. And this is the slogan of this year’s festival- SHARE IDEAS, which is in harmony with the slogan of Sofia for Culture Capital.

These international exchange meetings with exposures, lectures, projections and discussion will make Sofia popular point in the European map with global culture events until 2019 and in the future.

PRIORITY of the FESTIVAL- Sofia abroad:

The idea for these presentations abroad was a natural effect of the high rate which Sofia Paper Art Fest has in the professional and media circles outside Bulgaria. The three editions up to now have presented a large number of authors and works and this year the focus is on the international image of the event and creating a wide partnership with foreign organizations for the future biennial in 2015.

The invitations to the Festival from abroad are from France, Finland, Great Britain, Italy and Czech Republic.

These events are in partnership with different organizations working for exchange of ideas and events.

  • France - July 2014 - two organizations making international events- Chaine De Papie” Biennial for Paper Art from handmade paper KOZO and Chemins d’ART – ART & PAPIER – annual event in the medieval town Vesenobres - a tourist destination in France. Presentations with discussion, projections and exposures are planned, which will present the Festival to the French artists related to this art, not only in this region.
  • Italy - July 2014- Congress of International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists - IAPMA - lecture with projection and discussion on Sofia Paper Art Fest and its shared ideas - “SHARE IDEAS”
  • Finland - April/May 2014 - lectures and presentations about the three editions 2011, 2012, 2013. Trip across Finland with a program in 5 museums and regional art organizations. Meetings with famous Finland curators of big events, in order to plan exchanging exposures for future period and to present Sofia Paper Art Fest as a significant international forum for contemporary art and culture.
  • Great Britain - presentation before SSA - Society of Scottish Artists, who were partners last year and will invite an exposure from the Festival for a next period 2015 - 2019. Lectures with projections of movies and performances are planned, as well as films from the exposures. Presenting the overall concept of the Festival and more specifically the Biennial, which will have its third edition in 2015.
  • Czech Republic - fall 2014 - presentation before the Czech culture public - presentation with visiting exhibition before Bulgarian and Czech audience and institutions.

PRIORITY of the FESTIVAL - Sofia and Japan

In Bulgaria the focus is on the Japanese contribution to this art and the relationships between Bulgaria and the biggest donor during the last 55 years. Number of projects in Sofia are with Japanese participation and a logical continuation of the traditional presentation of the Japanese art in Sofia Paper Art Fest will be this year’s program. Every year the Festival presents all its exposures in The Night of Museums and Galleries, but The Paper Street is the brightest. This street will present techniques of the Japanese paper art, fashion show with paper clothes and accessories, artifacts, theater of shadows and a carnival. One of the important destinations will be next to NPC (National Palace of Culture) - “Mazda” Gallery, where there will be joint program with “Nihon Tomono Kai” - Club “Friends of Japan in Bulgaria”, where Amateras Foundation is a member. There are many Japanese donations in the collection of the foundation, which are planned to be presented in the exhibitions. During the Festival the accompanied events will be entirely related to Japan and different paper techniques, and the demonstrators are from partner organizations related to presenting the Japanese culture in Bulgaria.



  • 6th edition of AMATERAS ANNUAL EXHIBITION FOR PAPER, SMALL FORMAT- exhibition competition, ART ALLEY
  • PHOTO exhibition - The best of Sofia Paper Art Fest- the garden of National Theater “Ivan Vazov”

Lectures with workshops:

  • Japanese techniques - series of workshops with lectures
  • Japanese paper theater - presentation and lectures
  • Japanese paper - KOZO
  • Japanese paper architecture - Shigeru Ban
  • ORIGAMI - origin and meaning
  • Kiri - E- national club “NAKAMA”
  • SOGA - school for IKEBANA an the role of paper flowers
  • Calligraphy - music of the soul
  • Paper street - the garden of the National Theater
  • Paper clothes from Japan - designers

PRIORITY of the FESTIVAL - Sofia, Bulgarian

  • Exhibition with presentation and workshop - the town of Pernik
  • Exhibition with presentation, lectures and movies - Historical Museum, the town of Pavlikeni – September - October, 2014

International Evaluation

The project from the previous two years was stated from the international culture observers as one of the most interesting forums for art in Bulgaria, with the clear purpose to become a tradition and an emblematic event. Its innovative outlook was reflected in foreign specialized editions for contemporary art and culture in many other countries. The project is sending humane, ecological, social and spiritual messages to the contemporary society and its problems. The inspiration, the creative work, and the enthusiasm are in harmony with the high professionalism, the new achievements of the human civilization and the ancient traditions from the whole world. Sofia Paper Art Fest contains in itself a new concept for Paper art - including sections which have been adopted as a part of other arts, but through paper, they become supportive to this current PAPER ART - as a theater of shadows, paper fashion, paper theater, etc.

Important Highlights:

  • International exchange
  • Presenting the culture of Japan - traditions and contemporary innovations through paper
  • Popularize the art products from Japan
  • Education and drawing young people
  • New publics - upbringing the public
  • Approve high rate in Bulgaria and abroad

We offer you information for the structure of the Festival this year during its carrying out - 30 April/ 30 May 2014. The Festival contains exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, lectures and digital and cinema experiments.

Includes 5 sections:

  • AMATERAS Annual exhibition for art of paper small format - fifth edition.
  • Traveling Paper Art Academy - presentations and exhibitions with discussions at home and abroad.
  • Paper Theater - presentations.
  • Cinema - co - organizer BULDOC ltd. - presentations.
  • Accompanying events - important emblematic event is the Paper Street in The Night of Museums and Galleries, workshops, demonstration of different techniques for paper products, competitions for children and growing ups, lectures and presentations of the visiting authors, etc.

Locations of the event

Section: AMATERAS Annual exhibition for Paper Art small format - 5th international competition

  • Art Alley - 30 April/ 30 May

Section: Exhibitions - Bulgaria and abroad - museums and galleries
Section: Paper Art Academy - museums, galleries, art centers, universities
Section: Theater
Section: Cinema - PAPER LOVE - jointly with BULDOC as a curator of the project

Accompanying events:

  • Workshops for children and adults - in almost all rooms there will be specially designated workshops with young authors assistants to familiarize children with unsuspected possibilities of art paper and receipt paper. Educating responsible attitude towards nature.
  • Lectures and presentations.

All of the accompanying events will be interactive and cover the different target groups in the field of visual arts, theater, film, multimedia, photography and more.

The Night of Museums and Galleries - one of the main points - The Paper Street. All points on the map to visit Sofia Paper Art Fest will be open and there will be surprises for visitors only in this night.



Todor Todorov, PhD, MA
Art Director of Sofia Paper Art Fest
Founder of AMATERAS foundation
02 4719465

Curator: Daniela Todorova, MA
Art Director of AMATERAS foundation
0898 408 868, 0878 408 863


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