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We at AMATERAS FOUNDATION present you the concept of the fifth edition of Sofia Paper Art Fest (founded by us) in the period of May 7-June 6. The project dedicated to Sofia was part of the 4 projects of elite art presented to the European Commission in the candidature for cultural capital of Europe, characterized by innovative international events in May and bright external events on The Night of Museums and Galleries. SPAF is multidisciplinary because it encourages number of unconventional and experimental projects, innovative, not only for Bulgaria. Its every edition has a particular focus associated with the overall strategy for the development of this long-term project that inspired artists in various arts. Annually adds new ideas and opportunities for the development of projects and achievements that meet European criteria and needs of new art uplifting the society. It contains the priorities of the strategy of Sofia for Culture 2013-2023 "SOFIA - CREATIVE CAPITAL SPAF has no analogue in the world and aroused interest in professional art circles worldwide. In 2015 the focus will be on intercultural dialogue and presentation of professional networks and associations incorporating international membership and policy for development of contemporary art from a new type with new technologies and experiments tending for the microclimate of society and human needs .
Paper art is very new section intermarrying tradition and modernity, innovation and high achievements. It inspires number of world authors for a new approach and in many world famous museums or known biennials can be met this magnificent works of art. In the first edition in Sofia were presented famous names whose works are in a number of museums in the world.

THIS YEAR SOFIA PAPER ART FEST has several priorities:

  1. PROGRAMME IN THE URBAN ENVIRONMENT OF SOFIA between May 7 to June 6, launching innovations for urban areas with permanent structures experimented at first with paper models and paper modular systems for temporary and permanent exposition
  2. PROGRAMME FOR DISCUSSIONS AND PRESENTATIONS OF INNOVATION, which are in line with the development of Sofia and spaces for culture
  3. PRESENTATION OF IAPMA / International Association for Paper Arts / long-term policy, development and achievements - visiting exhibition and dominant artists in the exhibition by members of IAPMA. The organization supports various other international initiatives focusing on paper art. The main presentation is in the Biennial PAPER ART - several exposures with large format works and international exhibition contest AMATERAS
  4. PROGRAMME TRAVELING EXHIBITION - SOFIA ABROAD with movies, exhibition, presentation and theatrical performance outside Bulgaria during the remaining period of the year - in March Japan (Exhibition with lectures and presentations), the other presentations are after the events in Sofia - Cuba – movies, Czech Republic - an exhibition and multimedia, Finland - exhibition and theatrical performance, France - exhibition, Israel - exhibition, Germany - exhibition, symposium, presentation of lectures and England - exhibition and theatrical performance.

One of the important tasks of Sofia Paper Art Fest is to presented Sofia as an important place in the European cultural map, not only as a Cultural Capital of Bulgaria, and to create a professional network of artists and organizations that the Festival in each of its edition to present interesting events and experiments in Sofia. At the same time, the Festival provided the development of innovative projects to enrich the urban environment and to attract society as an active participant. Innovation in various arts, will provoke many future projects stimulating the process of developing new views on art in the urban environment, new audiences, interactive spaces, introducing new techniques to develop the arts. The festival is already invited as a partner in a tripartite project between Bulgaria, Finland and the UK, which will have a social aspect involving various minorities with characteristic culture of different countries. At the same time in Bulgaria there will be an event in Karin Dom - Varna for children with disabilities. This is a new aspect in the previous editions of Sofia Paper Art Fest.
There are official invitations due to the last year's presentations of the Festival in France, Italy and Finland for visiting formats in an exchanging principle. Through some lectures and films AMATERAS Foundation will present a selection of works, the overall strategy of the festival in the period 2015 - 2023 with movies and multimedia products that will illustrate the best goals and achievements of Sofia Paper Art Fest, and already set new projects for future editions

The preliminary programme for the period 2013-2023 will be in partnership with Sofia Municipality and a number of international organizations.

The Foundation annually enriches its serious collection of over 1200 works in large and small format, videos, films and recordings of performances and with them it starts traveling formats. We are currently discussing the presentation of the Festival in Czech Republic - Pilzen as Capital of Culture 2015, Prague and Kutna Hora.

These international exchange meetings with exhibitions, lectures, screenings and discussions will make Sofia a popular point of the European map with world cultural events.

PRIORITY OF THE FESTIVAL - major forums and IAPMA - Culture and human capital
In Sofia, the emphasis in the presentation of IAPMA will include open meetings, discussions with members of the World Association and artists from Bulgaria and other countries, and the role of the organization as a professional network for contemporary art.

In Sofia, the emphasis is on innovations with paper, bringing ideas for large structures and interactive projects. Each year the Festival shows all its exposures during THE NIGHT OF MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES, but the brightest is the Paper street. This year members of IAPMA will be invited to show their works on the Paper street. We are looking forward the presentation of innovative design solutions of VIZALIVING Company with young designers for exhibition products - tables, chairs, containers and panels for temporary exhibitions. This is an opportunity to meet new approach for shaping the urban environment - temporary and permanent exhibitions in external and internal spaces.

PRIORITY OF THE FESTIVAL - SOFIA ABROAD - Equal participation in global cultural processes
The idea of these representations abroad were a natural consequence of the high rate which Sofia Paper Art Fest has in professional and media circles outside Bulgaria. The previous four editions have reported a huge number of authors and works, and this year we unfold the focus on international networks and inclusion of the event in broad partnerships with foreign organizations for the future period 2015 – 2023.

Invitations from abroad are from Japan, Finland, Germany, Czech Republic, Cuba and Israel. These events are in partnership with various organizations working for the exchange of ideas and events.
  • JAPAN - NEXUS EXECUTIVE COMMITEE - Museum in Kurogava, March 2015 - presentation of Sofia Paper Art Fest as Innovation Forum – the policy festival, exhibition, international meeting with a round table of authors from around the world, presentation of the new cultural policies of the Foundation by paper art.
  • GERMANY - Degensdorf - August 2015 - exhibition participating in the international forum and presentation of modules SPAF - SHARE INNOVATION, lecture, workshop and meeting with professional networks
  • FINLAND - Autumn - in November 2015 is the launching of the tripartite project with the visit of the partners in Rovaniemi, Finland
  • GREAT BRITAIN - autumn 2015 second phase of the tripartite project - innovation in the theater and the role of the costumes and stage design in the overall impression, London
  • Czech Republic - Prague, Kutna Hora and Pilsen - autumn 2015 presentation with visiting exhibition for bulgarian and czech audience and institutions.
  • ISRAEL - presentation at the Biennale of Paper Art with works and presentation - Paper Biennial "Pulp & FICTION" - 1.VI-1.VIII.2015, Negev Museum ', the Trumpeldor-Gallery Art center of Ben Gurion' and the Artist's house all in Beer-Sheva, Israel.

    PRIORITY OF THE FESTIVAL - new audiences - Access to culture
    The festival will be presented in the country and the region of Sofia. In Pernik will be presented external event and presentation of the festival to a wide audience. In Pavlikeni workshops with an exhibition of IAPMA and Bulgarian artists will be organized. In Karin Dom Varna there will be a workshop for children with disabilities and an exhibition of paper art


    PRIORITY OF THE FESTIVAL - Locations - New and old spaces with new look - Cultural Heritage of the changing city


    • The 7th edition of AMATERAS ANNUAL EXHIBITION FOR PAPER ART SMALL FORMAT - exhibition contest ART ALLEY - 7 May
    • BIENNIAL OF PAPER Art - waiting for response about the place - at least two exhibitions in large metropolitan exhibition spaces - focus on IAPMA participating artists - possibly NAG and VIVACOM ART HALL, NMI, FORUM SREDEC, SERDIKA
    • Photo exhibition - SHARE INNOVATION - Garden of the National Theatre "IVAN VAZOV"
    • DESISLAVA DENEVA Solo Exhibition - Gallery RIMINI - May 9 - Award for Bulgarian author from AMATERAS 2014
    • Czech Cultural Center
    • Open spaces in parks, shopping malls, airport markets and metro stations


    We are planning IAPMA guest lecturers for some of the lectures and workshops
    •Innovative techniques in paper - a series of workshops with lectures young people and children
    •Japanese paper architecture - Shigeru Ban presentation of future projects linked to the great architect and a demonstration of some of his ideas
    •Japanese innovation - presentations and lecture
    •Ancient techniques from around the world - Lecture with projection - lecturer of IAPMA
    •Drawings and paper models by great architects and designers - Presentation and future plans of Sofia Paper Art Fest
    •Paper Fashion
    •Art book and the art of paper miniatures
    •Paper dolls animation and theater
    •PAPER STREET - garden of the National Theatre - innovative structures VIZALIVING


    International Evaluation

    The project from previous years was stated from cultural international observers as one of the most perspective innovative forums for art in Bulgaria. Its innovative outlook has attracted a serious interest in many international organizations, which have offered a partnership exchange for the next editions of the festival. The project, focusing on contemporary art, is brightly characterized by the pursuit of grace and beauty, responding to new needs of the jaded and stressed contemporary society in need of optimism, faith, and a new attitude to lifestyle.
    Sofia Paper Art Fest contains a new concept for paper art - including sections that were perceived as part of the other arts, but through the paper, they become involved in this movement PAPER ART - such as music paper, shadow theater, fashion paper, paper theater and others.


    • International Exchange
    • Introduction of IAPMA - unique worldwide network of artists, curators, museums, galleries and organizations in contemporary and paper art
    • Popularization of innovation for urban spaces
    • Education and attracting non standard thinking and experimenting people in art
    • New audiences – Educating the Audience
    • Approve high rate in Bulgaria and abroad
    • Create a new image of cultural life and events in Sofia - a strategy of cultural policy of the city and SPAF
    • Work with children in unequilateral position

    The structure of the festival this year - the main period 7 May to 6 June 2015 and additional panels in March, August, September and October. The festival includes: exhibitions, workshops, demonstrations, lectures, and digital cinema experiments.


    Includes 6 sections:

    • AMATERAS Annual exhibition for paper art small format. This is the seventh edition
    • BIENNIAL FOR PAPER ART - Third Edition - Focus on IAPMA - international participation from around the world with discussion - several exhibitions in museums and galleries
    • PAPER ART ACADEMY - presentations, discussions and exhibitions abroad
    • PAPER THEATRE - presentations and performances, experimental street forms
    • Other Events

    All pursuing events are interactive and cover various target groups in the field of art, theater, cinema, multimedia, photography and more.

    NIGHT OF MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES - one of the main points - PAPER STREET. All points on the map to visit Sofia Paper Art Fest will be open.

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