by Todor Todorov


AMATERAS FOUNDATION would like to present one new theory in the area of contemporary art. This theory/research ”ELEMENTAL SCULPTURE” is the PhD thesis of Bulgarian sculptor Todor Todorov, MA, PhD www.todor.org.uk. His personal long professional experience as a sculptor and lector in many universities motivate us to propose this research to be introduced to young future artist who study sculpture, land art, kinetic art, sustainable design and many other departments which are strongly separated but in one principle natural elements they are part of this theory. At the moment this theory is in a phaze of publishing in Bulgarian, Japanese & English language from publish company of ART CENTER ALTERA.

by Todor Todorov

This book is a research in the area of contemporary sculpture, describing one existing but not explored tendency in development of relationship between sculpture and the natural elements, which the author names Elemental Sculpture. Studies are revealing the context of places where the sculpture appears – studio, gallery, museum, park, urban landscape, nature, and the impact of these places on the development of sculpture. One part of the thesis presents the contemporary sculpture in development, defining the three main phases – sculpture-object, sculpture-space and sculpture-place in the works of:

Henry Moore
Barbara Hepworth
Andy Goldsworthy
Richard Long
Isamu Noguchi

Inclusion of the elements in sculpture itself leads to a new quality – Sculpture-Nature, or Elemental Sculpture. The author examines this tendency as a part of a new level of relationship between the man and the nature in arts and in general. The book includes research of the roots of Elemental Sculpture and its development in the works of well-known sculptors as follows:

Alexander Calder – stabiles and mobiles
George Rickey – Walburg - cross
Susumu Shingu – Wind Caravan
Christo – Surrounded Islands, Valley Curtain, The Gates
Theo Jansen – Beach Beasts
Isamu Noguchi – Contoured Playground
Michael Heizer – Double Negative, City
Robert Smithson – Spiral Jetty
Lucien den Arend – Island x-ing
James Turrel – Roden Crater
Charles Ross – Star Axis

Sculptures created by the author following his own way in development of Elemental Sculpture, during 35 years of his professional career are included and described from theoretical and practical point of view. The same tendency of including the natural elements in architecture is studied and included as part of creativity of following architects:

Frank Lloyd Wright – Fallingwater
Jean Nouvel – Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi
David Fisher – Dynamic Tower, Dubai
Anna Kamenova – Green over Gray
Maya Lin – Vietnam veterans wall –– Washington
Chetwoods Associates architects – Wind dam
Michael Jantzen – Wind Shaped Pavilion
Diller & Scofidio – Swiss Expo 2002

This book will benefit not only professionals and students of visual arts, but also the viewers of sculpture, such sympathisers and connoisseurs. It was edited by Cambridge Scholars Publishing: http://www.c-s-p.org/elemental-sculpture-6 The book will be edited in Bulgarian – Jun 2014, Japanese, Chinese and Turkish languages during the period of 2014 - 16.


Todor Todorov graduated from the National College of Fine Arts in 1971. In 1977, he graduated from the Sculpture Department at the National Academy of Arts, where, in 2012, he defended his PhD thesis in the field of Contemporary Sculpture. Awarded numerous international prizes and distinctions, Dr Todorov is a member of the most prestigious professional sculpture organizations in the world. As an international sculptor, he has completed over 50 outdoor large-scale sculptures in urban and park spaces in 18 countries worldwide.




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