Sofia Paper Art Fest 2018

Eighth edition


The AMATERAS FOUNDATION presents the concept of the eighth edition of SOFIA PAPER ART FEST (SPAF), to be staged from 12, April to 16, June, 2018. The project is dedicated to Sofia and its overall strategy. SPAF, founded by us, has become an established forum for innovations not only in Bulgaria. A two-time winner of the European Festivals Association’s EFFE Label, it ranks among world festivals that are part of the European festival family. A member of the Bulgarian Festivals Association since its very beginning, it contributes to cultural diversity and artistic life by involving different audiences, art circles and partnerships in different areas. Every year it presents a large number of participants from all over the world, selecting them on the basis of innovation in conformity with the European criteria for culture and art.

Each new edition has its specific focus in support of the cultural policy of Sofia and Bulgaria and acts as an important mediator between cultural, social and public policy for European unity and in support of European values.

In 2018, the focus will be on the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, amid cultural dialogue and partnership with global networks and associations. The presentation of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage, combined with contemporary art in different parts of the planet, will show Bulgaria’s new face to the world. The Fest’s worldwide partnerships are united in various professional networks and foreign missions that help to organise exchange exhibitions in Bulgaria and their own countries: Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Kosovo, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Syria, South Africa, USA etc.

Paper art is a modern art bred by traditions and crafts related to paper and, as the newest area in contemporary art, it blends traditions and innovations, experiments and high achievements. It challenges world authors to create a new language of expression and new technologies that enrich contemporary art.


1.SOFIA – HOST CITY OF THE EU PRESIDENCY – the edition’s entire programme is built around this. The expositions are mainly by Bulgarian and European authors with guest presentations, outdoor events and performances by partners from around the world. A partnership with the Congress of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) is planned. Participants from over 30 countries are expected.


-PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE and 10th AMATERAS Annual Exhibition of Small Size Paper Art – prize competition – NATIONAL PALACE OF CULTURE - 12, April – 19, May, 2018

-PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE – Bulgarian art, ARTE Gallery - 17, April – 5, May, 2017

-THE PULSE OF PAPER – IAPMA innovations of European and world artists – TRIANGULAR TOWER OF THE SOFIA HISTORY MUSEUM - 16, May – 16, June, 2018

-RESPONSIBLE PAPER – IAPMA old natural techniques – handmade paper from plants – FINESSE Gallery 17, May – 8, June 2018

-MESSAGES IN PAPER - Winners in the competitions of AMATERAS Annual Paper Art Exhibition of Small Size 2009 - 2017 – ONEMONEV GALLERY, 9, May – 22, May, 2018

-ANCIENT WRITTEN SIGNS FROM JAPAN - MAZDA Gallery – 18 May, – 14, June, 2018

3.CULTURAL HERITAGE – presenting the cultural heritage of different countries together with the Bulgarian cultural heritage through inventions of alphabets, scrolls, paper techniques – participants from Bulgaria, partner countries and IAPMA.

4.SOFIA ABROAD – TRAVELLING EXPOSITIONS PROGRAMME – with films, exhibitions and presentations outside Bulgaria at the beginning of the year and the period outside the FEST. From March to June in Bulgaria and throughout 2018 travelling expositions of the year in Europe – exhibitions with lectures and presentations about Bulgaria’s contribution to world culture during the BULGARIAN EU PRESIDENCY. The first expositions are already travelling as ambassadors.

5.YOUNG TALENTS’ FORUM – debut projects and workshops for children and students from art schools – (Bulgarian artist)

The Foundation annually enriches its extensive collection of over 1,500 large and small format works, videos, films and recordings of performances, launching travelling formats with them. We are currently discussing the presentation of SPAF in distant destinations where Bulgaria and its cultural heritage, as well as the country’s contemporary art, are unknown.

The international exchange meetings with expositions, lectures and films present Bulgaria, its 2018 EU Presidency and overall cultural policy. As host of the IAPMA Congress, SPAF 2018 helps to place Sofia on the European map of world cultural events. The presentations abroad are a natural outcome of the high rating enjoyed by Sofia Paper Art Fest among professional and media circles outside Bulgaria. Its previous editions presented an enormous number of authors and works, and the most important thing now is the broad partnership with foreign organisations for the future 2018 – 2023 period.

Invitations from abroad to the Fest with a special focus on 2018 – 2019 come from Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, Kosovo, Morocco, Norway, Portugal, Syria, South Africa, USA and other countries, and are currently being negotiated. These events are in partnership with different organisations working for the exchange of ideas and events.


In its programme, SOFIA PAPER ART FEST will present events for disadvantaged and physically challenged people. This is a long-term policy pursued ever since its inception.

LOCATIONS – New spaces and old ones with a new appearance – The cultural heritage of a changing city

SOFIA PAPER ART FEST annually seeks to popularize new spaces and give them a new look and meaning. They include the NATIONAL PALACE OF CULTURE, SOFIA HISTORY MUSEUM – the Triangular Tower halls, MAZDA Gallery, FINESSE Gallery, ARTE Gallery, ONEMONEV Gallery and some others exhibition places.

The expositions are diverse and consistent with the locations. Cultural heritage collections and innovative solutions with new technologies and lighting will have priority. Some of the exhibitions will be shown in Stara Zagora and Pazardjik as important cities with a busy cultural life and active festival policy.


The project has been appraised by international observers as an innovative forum of global importance for paper art not only in Bulgaria. It is characterised by an elegant presentation of ideas, aesthetic suggestions, cultivation of taste and design thinking, love of nature and creativity in an environment-friendly modern world. The project focuses public attention on contemporary art that does not scandalize or provoke, but fosters the imagination, fantasy, refinement and aesthetic enjoyment, which vividly distinguishes it from a number of other trends in modern art.

SOFIA PAPER ART FEST tries to present innovative forms in other arts as well: music, theatre, fashion, cinema, animation, etc.


Includes 6 sections
-IAPMA Congress – exhibitions, presentations, lectures, workshops, demos
-COMPETITION – AMATERAS Annual Paper Art Exhibition of Small Size. Tenth jubilee edition dedicated to the Bulgarian EU Presidency
-PAPER ART ACADEMY – cultural heritage and innovations
-PAPER THEATRE – presentations and performances, experimental street forms
-ACCOMPANYING EVENTS – THE PAPER STREET on THE NIGHT OF MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES, workshops, demonstrations of various paper techniques, competitions for children and adolescents, lectures and presentation of visiting artists, etc.

Todor Todorov, PhD, МА
Art Director of Sofia Paper Art Fest
Founder of AMATERAS Foundation

Curator: Daniela Todorova, МА
Art Director of AMATERAS Foundation,

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